Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway To Naples, Florida!

sabrina must girlfriend getaway naples florida beach ocean
Set aside your assumptions about Naples, Florida! As much as it’s a haven for retirees, it is just as much fun for those with young blood looking to let loose. From fitness in the morning to beach time and spa pampering in the afternoon to bar-hopping at night, you’ll have a blast! I was there for a week, visiting my best friend, and I’m ready to go back! So grab your besties and check out this ultimate girlfriend getaway to Naples. (If you’re a guy, don’t worry: this getaway guide to Naples is for you too!)

Sweat It Out In Naples

If in Naples, you’re gonna want to keep it nice and tight. Use your girlfriends for extra motivation while traveling and get in your daily sweat session! Get up and head over to any of these community-driven fitness studios.

Cycle Guroo

sabrina must cycle guroo naples spinning Burn a ton of calories, jam out to killer tunes, and get a bit competitive! Cycle Guroo was such a fun workout. Your stats (RPM, Watts, etc.) are projected on a large screen up front so you can race others in class. The studio is clean and updated, and the owner Charla is super helpful and knowledgable. Added bonus: they occasionally have childcare at the studio.

Hot Yoga Naples sabrina must girlfriend getaway to naples florida hot yoga naples

Hot Yoga Naples is the place if you’re desperate to sweat until your body has nothing left! They have classes all day and showers to freshen up after getting drenched in their 104-degree room. Though I don’t usually go to Bikram because I much prefer having the flexibility in class to listen to what my body needs, I know many love the structure of the very traditional Bikram yoga style. So if that’s your thing, Hot Yoga Naples is your spot!

Real Fitness Naples sabrina must girlfriend getaway naples florida real time fitness crossfit

Real Fitness CrossFit Naples is one of the largest CrossFit facilities I’ve ever seen. Though I don’t regularly go to CrossFit gyms, I still appreciate the commitment many show to their WOD workouts. Real Fitness’s staff are incredibly friendly and educational, members are warm, and the gym has every toy you’d want it to have from tracker-sized tires to ceiling ropes. If you’re not big into weightlifting, don’t let the idea of CrossFit scare you off; our entire workout was body weight exercises. We were quite sore the next day!

Yoga Lab Naples

yoga lab naples sabrina must yoga studio After being incredibly sore from our Real Fitness CrossFit workout, my girlfriend and I were thrilled to head over to Yoga Lab Naples. The modern yet warm interior and warm staff made our visit incredibly enjoyable. Their classes are heated to around 90 degrees, which typically isn’t hot enough for me, but I ended up sweating enough. A deep stretch coupled with a hard workout–perfect combo! We loved the studio so much my girlfriend went back the next day after I left town.

Beach Time Fun! sabrina must ultimate girlfriend getaway to naples pier beach

After a sweaty morning, shower up, grab a bite, toss on your swimsuit, and head to the beach! Though there aren’t any surfable waves in Naples, I couldn’t complain with warm-ish water and gorgeous beaches lined with palm trees and tall grasses. Either relax or get moving again with a few of the activities below!

Paddle Boarding

sabrina must ultimate girlfriend getaway to naples paddle boarding clam pass Head over to Clam Pass in Naples. Launch your paddle boards (or kayaks) just off the parking lot area and then wind your way through the canal. Be mindful of the water’s depth because it can get very shallow at times; you may have to walk through sections in knee-high water. As you paddle through the canal and under a bridge, turn left at the fork and head straight toward the ocean. You can hop out and run around the beach for a bit before paddling into the big blue. And look out for dolphins and manatees!

Beach Volleyball

ultimate girlfriend getaway to naples florida beach volleyball pier naples To the left of the Naples Pier volleyball courts are set up. Competitive or beginner, there’s something for everyone. Then, after you get all sandy, run into the ocean to wash and cool off.

Kitesurfing ultimate girlfriend getaway to naples florida kitesurfing

On windy days, kitesurfing is the thing to do. Pre-warning: This isn’t a grab-and-go activity. You have to really know what you’re doing, especially when it comes to handling the equipment. So I recommend having a friend show you what’s up and/or taking an official lesson.

Spa Day in Naples!

ultimate girlfriend getaway to naples florida stillwater spa coconut point hyatt regency

Photo by @naturallyphoto

After you’ve fully soaked up enough sun, head with your girls to a spa for some pampering. While there are a handful of spas in Naples, I suggest heading a bit north for the Stillwater Spa Coconut Point Hyatt Regency. The spa offers stunning interior and a full list of amenities: sauna, steam, heated pool, fitness studio, and more. Get a massage, manicure and pedicure, facial, and more. I loved my deep-tissue massage! And yes, the photo above is me in the fountain at the hotel. Things my mom will make me do for a great photo!

Nightlife In Naples!

Nothing says ultimate girlfriend getaway to Naples quite like getting dolled up and bar-hopping, especially because one of my favorite things to do is play wing woman! Here’s the list of must-visit bars in Naples that have the coolest decor and ambiance!

Bar Tulia ultimate girlfriend getaway to naples florida bar tulia craft cocktails

Craft cocktail connoisseurs indulge! Bar Tulia is one of the busiest, most aesthetically pleasing bars in town, right off 5th Avenue Downtown Naples. The service is quick. The hipster vibe strong. The cocktails visually vibrant. Order one of their many hand-crafted cocktails or ask the bartenders to whip something up just for you!

The Bevy

Classy, sexy, and whimsical, The Bevy Naples off 3rd Avenue is one of my favorite bars in Naples. The set up lets you both socialize as well as get intimate if on a date.

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime in Naples has a perfect location off the main 5th Avenue strip. We came in for drinks, as in my friends had drinks and I ate the truffle-oil popcorn from the bar while sipping water. I loved the high-end steakhouse’s sleek, modern look, though be warned—their prices are high.

Paddy Murphy’s

Just what you imagine an Irish pub to be. A long, fully-stocked bar with a beer-soaked floor and loud patrons. Go here late night for extra debauchery and dancing!

Whiskey Park

For a true dive bar experience, head over to Whiskey Park. Perfect for those wanting to relax in a super chill environment, shoot some pool, and maybe catch a live music show if you’re lucky enough. Don’t let the name fool you: It wasn’t just a whiskey bar. They had a full line-up of draft beer and typical bar food. It also seemed the crowd was a bit younger than what you get in Downtown Naples.

7th Avenue Social sabrina must ultimate girlfriend getaway to naples 7th avenue social bar

The interior and atmosphere at 7th Avenue Social in Naples was one of my favorites for sure. You can either sit outside on the patio or inside with funky art and furniture. The food was tasty and the music lively. Be sure to go on a night the piano man plays!

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