Sabrina’s Travel Tips: How To Travel With Others

Don’t underestimate the pleasure of traveling with another. Experiencing adventure and beauty with another deeply sweetens your memories. But of course we’re human, so naturally we can get annoyed with someone who’s in our space constantly. It’s all about choosing wisely! Don’t travel with just anyone; be mindful of whom you are asking to join in on an adventure.

Here are my top tips for traveling with others to make your trip as enjoyable and stress-free as possible!

  1. Choose someone who embraces challenge, not fights it. Because you’re out of your comfort zone, traveling can present daily challenges.
  2. Choose someone with whom you love spending time—not just hours, but days.
  3. Choose someone who is independent. It’s fun to explore together, but sometimes it’s powerful to take an afternoon apart and be on your own.
  4. Choose someone who has similar interests as you. If you only want to hike mountains and your travel partner only wants to see museums, you’ll both feel like you’re compromising the entire trip.
  5. Discuss your must-sees and must-dos in advance. Communicating about what places you want to visit, restaurants where you want to eat, and activities you want to do will make the trip run more smoothly. Set expectations from the get-go!
  6. Choose someone who is social. Some of the fun of traveling is meeting others, so go with someone off whose energy you can work and vice versa. Take advantage of all the more social things you can do together!
  7. Be open to new experiences! If you are set in your ways and don’t allow yourself to try new things, possibly something your partner loves to do, you’ll never grow.

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