Epic Weekend In Montanita Staying At Nativa Bambu Ecolodge

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Energized, colorful, touristy, multi-cultural... These are some of the words I'd use to describe Montanita, arguably the most popular travel destination on Ecuador's coast. From Ecuadorians to neighboring fellow South Americans to gringos like myself, this town is one of the busiest, most touristy, party-focused beach towns I've ever visited. Get ready for an epic weekend in Montanita filled with surfing, loud bars, and endless street vendors. Let's start...

How To Get To Montanita

Just as I mention on my post Traveling To Ayampe, traveling to Montanita can be a bit of an expedition. It's well over 2 hours from both the Guayaquil airport and Manta airport, and requires either riding in a bus (around $6 USD) or taking a taxi to Montanita (around $80-100 USD). Getting anywhere in Ecuador requires long drives and some airplane flights! But once you arrive at the main bus stop in Montanita, everything in town is walking distance, including what I consider the best hotel in Montanita.

Where To Stay In Montanita

For the best combo of location, safety, and relaxation, I highly recommend Nativa Bambu Ecolodge. This hillside resort is directly across from the main bus station, so it's easily accessible. Walk up the driveway, check in, receive your wristband, and hop in the golf cart for a quick property tour.
sabrina must epic weekend in montanita luxury hotel nativa bambu ecolodge
The staff immediately make you feel at home. Though a luxury hotel, Nativa purposefully isn't a high-rise; they wanted the resort centered around nature (hence the name), so guests are closer to the pathways that wind around the property lined with native Ecuadorian foliage.

I stayed in a Junior Suite with a king-sized bed and a glorious, sprawling view of Montanita and the ocean below.
sabrina must nativa bambu ecolodge luxury hotel montanita ecuador junior suiteThe hotel isn't the most luxurious hotel in which I've ever stayed but it's just enough luxury that you'll feel clean, fresh, and cared for. With 24/7 reception, staff are ready to help you with anything and everything.

sabrina must nativa bambu ecolodge dog friendly hotel montanita ecuador

Did I mention Nativa Bambu is pet-friendly?!?!

If the room and service isn't enough to sell you on Nativa, stroll up the curving driveway to the pool deck, the property's highest point.

Lounge chairs, poolside bar, and an enticing view—you won't complain!

sabrina must nativa bambu ecolodge pool montanita

As the hotel's tagline says, "Vive La Experiencia!" They want you to indulge in your vacation and all that Montanita has to offer while enjoying their property.

Explore Montanita!

Montanita itself bustles with vacationers and vendors, looking to shop and sell, amidst an ocean-front backdrop. The narrow streets are jam-packed, especially on weekends, with locals and artisans selling goods (relatively inexpensive ones at that!). Pre-warning: It can be a bit overwhelming if you don't like crowds.

When you've gotten your fix of shopping and eating, step onto the beach to lounge, swim, and/or surf (check out Montanita Surf & Dive).
sabrina must epic weekend in Montanita ecuador travel guide beach view
Then, as night falls, head back into town. There is no shortage of restaurants and food vendors nor bars serving up cheap drinks. On a Saturday night, Montanita seemed to resemble New York City, the city that never sleeps! It's definitely loud and boisterous.

If you want to enjoy this view during your epic weekend in Montanita...

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