Best Restaurants In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

sabrina must best restaurants in jackson holes, wyoming
The food in Jackson Hole, Wyoming doesn’t disappoint! Satisfying and fresh is a necessity because you’ll be so active, you must replenish your body! Fortunately for you meat-eaters, my meat-eating friend dined with me, so my recommendations for best restaurants in Jackson Hole don’t just include my favorite veggie spots and dishes in town! You’re welcome.


The Kitchen, one of 9 restaurants in the JH Fine Dining Group, is a modern American restaurant with worldly influences. The front patio deck is ideal for a breezy summer night; inside the restaurant feels like it’s a mix of Asian and new age, modern design. Sit at a table or cozy up on a barstool for an upfront view of the kitchen. The seaweed salad and cucumber-watermelon-mint salads were two of my favorite things I ate on my trip! sabrina must the kitchen Intricately presented and flavored, they made me so happy! Also, if you’re a seafood lover, this is a must visit. All their seafood is flown in fresh. My friend loved their tuna tartados. Be sure to check out the other restaurants in the JH Fine Dining Group arsenal.

MOE’S ORIGINAL BBQ, JACKSONsabrina must moe's original bbq jackson

I might have left Austin in 2015, but Texas still has a place in my vegan heart! So I’m including Moe’s Original BBQ into the mix. I stopped in and chatted with some customers, who were engulfed in smoked meats, side dishes, and corn bread. If you’re itching for some BBQ while in Jackson, this is the spot! Plus the interior was fun with a guitarist at the entryway and an indoor shuffleboard table.

NORTH GRILLE at THE JACKSON HOLE GOLF & TENNIS CLUBsabrina must jackson hole golf and tennis club

The Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club isn’t just a spot for golfers and tennis players. The mountains surrounding the 18-hole course make the view seem almost fake. Take a stroll or play a round, and then head into the North Grille that’s open to the public. The staff is over-the-top friendly, and the view at dinner simply can’t be matched! When night falls and it gets a bit cooler, cozy up on the patio at the fireplace. Very romantic! The chefs made a couple special dishes for me, including a broccolini and mushroom sauté.

THE ORGANIC LOTUSsabrina must lotus

Known locally as simply “Lotus”, this health-conscious eatery is a vegetarian’s dream…as well as a meat-lover’s haven because you’ll find options for both on the menu! While the service was a bit haphazard, the hosts and servers are very friendly, and the interior design impeccable. I wanted to move in, it’s so beautiful! I ordered the Asian Glass, a sweet potato noodle dish with stir fry veggies in a basil-lemongrass sauce that tasted almost pesto-y it was so rich! (I added two cashew-shiitake cakes for some protein, seen pictured. Truth, I wasn’t that wowed by them, so the second time I went to Lotus later that week I got the Asian Glass without the patties.) sabrina must lotusI heard the Paleo Bowls are also best sellers on the menu. Salads, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, bowls, and all-natural desserts, like vegan brownies and cookies. Go with a group so you can try a bunch of dishes at once! And if it’s nice out, definitely sit upstairs on the deck, overlooking downtown Jackson.

ORSETTO BAR AND ITALIAN EATERYsabrina must best restaurants in jackson hole orsetto

This fine-dining Italian spot recently opened in winter 2016. A block off the main square, with an unobstructed view of Snow King Mountain, you just can’t go wrong. Orsetto defies the stereotype of poor service in Jackson. Their staff is on point, timely, helpful, and real. Our experience eating here was top-notch! The vibe is romantic, upscale, yet comfortable. My friend devoured his salmon oreganata; I devoured roasted and sautéed veggies on top of veggies. We both loved the mouth-watering fingerling potatoes. Trust me, get those! They also have an extensive wine collection. Be sure to check out their other restaurant Café Genevieve for a more home-cooked style meal, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. sabrina must orsetto


PERSEPHONE BAKERYsabrina must persephone

This adorable, boutiquey café stole my heart. Persephone’s interior design is airy and weathered, inviting creatives to grab a coffee, a homemade pastry, or a bowl of roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts like I did! Be sure to check out the notes on the wall next to the restroom. The old-school typewriter will make you wish you didn’t live in the time of smart phones…for a few minutes at least. sabrina must persephone bakery Sit inside and enjoy the lively yet calming ambiance, or go on the deck, where friends and family gather.

sabrina must persephone bakery

If you’re trying to avoid gluten for allergy or gut-related reasons, don’t worry. Persephone isn’t just a bakery. There are definitely still fresh, all natural, unprocessed eats to enjoy! sabrina must persephone bakery

PICNIC sabrina must picnic cafe

For a bit, you won’t feel like you’re in Jackson. This coffeehouse is all about clean, innovative design and funky colors. Picnic is less boutiquey than its sister café, Persephone, and more rooted in structure. It’s the type of coffeeshop at which I usually work in whatever city I’m living and traveling. You walk in and immediately feel productive. You’ll want to get shit done, yet at the same time enjoy yourself and socialize. Small gatherings, thoughtful conversations, delicious foods. Again, everything is made locally, the pastries are their signature, and while I only drank my decaf coffee because I was about to hit up a yoga class, the homemade potato chips looked divine!

SPURsabrina must spur jackson hole

Head up to Teton Village in the Jackson Hole Ski Resort, to the base of Rendezvous Mountain for a daytime getaway where you can not only ride the Tram ($42 round trip), hike, and ski (weather depending), but also indulge in a fine-dining experience at Spur, part of the Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa. The interior is a modern twist on Western design—upscale, aesthetically pleasing, and homey. Romantic dates, families with kids, large groups gatherings—it’s a place for all to enjoy. In other words, it’s fine dining in a casual setting—a sophisticated menu and drink list with options still for children. Chef Kevin Humphreys, who has won Jackson Hole’s Best Chef for the 9th year in a row, crafts locally sourced dishes catered to a range of pallets. Spur gets their food as locally and regionally as possible–the farthest they’ll go is California for a few cheeses. They even use Jackson’s own Vertical Harvest, one of the world’s first vertical greenhouses, for many produce options, such as greens. sabrina must spur jackson hole Their hand-cut Kennebec fries are delicious! I asked for them without seasoning and lightly cooked, just the way I like them!  I also enjoyed the grilled asparagus and sautéed mushrooms. My friend had the mini Mahi tuna tacos. For those with a raging sweet tooth, my friend also thoroughly enjoyed the brownie drenched in vanilla ice cream.

WESTBANK GRILL at the FOUR SEASONS the four seasons jackson hole

Iconic and luxurious, Four Seasons Jackson Hole is what you’d expect a mountain town resort to be. Western-themed, the interior design strikes the perfect balance between homey and refined. In fact, that’s exactly what their Westbank Grill is all about. Walk in and take a seat at one of the most upscale restaurants in Teton Village, if not all of Jackson Hole. During ski season, many, including hotel guests and locals, literally ski directly from the slopes to the hotel for a comforting meal and well-deserved drink. With an open-air kitchen and wood-burning fireplace, their leather chairs and couches will make you forget you’re not in your family’s living room. You’ll feel at home, relaxed. Our meal was as delicious as you’d hope a meal at a Four Seasons would be. As much as possible, they buy produce from the local farmers, including Jackson’s coveted Vertical Harvest greenhouse, and they ship in most meat from Prairie Harvest in South Dakota. In fact, the high-end specialty foods owner occasionally comes to Jackson for dinner at Westbank Grill to taste his own product and ensure it meets his expectations. The four seasons westbank grill sabrina must While the steakhouse was my meat-loving friend’s dreamworld, it didn’t disappoint my veggie-loving self! He ordered an 8-ounce corn-fed beef tenderloin, golden potato puree (mashed potatoes), and a 2014 Iconoclast cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley. I ordered roasted mushrooms with Wyoming Whiskey (which you absolutely must get!), hand-cut french fries (possibly the best I’ve EVER eaten), asparagus (cooked in oil instead of the garlic butter because I’m allergic to milk), and the Vertical Harvest Greens. the four seasons cowboy cookie Our friendly and accommodating waiter encouraged us to top it off with the Cowboy Cookie. Topped with vanilla ice cream, this iron-skillet baked cookie is of what dessert dreams are made! It’s safe to say, our fine dining experience was impeccable!
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