I’m a 30-something woman from Michigan,
now based in San Diego, California,
the youngest of 4 sisters,
daughter to a father who wishes I had married yesterday
and to a mom who believes I can do anything in the world!

Masters in Writing, Northwestern University, 2012
Bachelors in Writing, Johns Hopkins University, 2008

Author of Must Girls Love, a memoir
Living Witnesses, the Holocaust survivor series

Contributor for Thought Catalog, Elephant JournalMindBodyGreen, BuddhaBarbie, Women On The Fence, sheBOOM
Founder, WriteLessBad

Podcast, Television, and Print Interviews

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Real Talk San Diego (Hillcrest Chapter) Live Interview, May 2017

Playgrounding PodcastPlay in the Depths: A Playful Heart Meets Grief
Episode 38, August 2017

Playgrounding PodcastNo Excuses: Choosing Health & Playing for Your Life
Episode 39, August 2017

Financial Fluency, with Jen Turrell, August 2017

Grief Dreams Podcast, Episode 31, May 2017

I wrote a blog post after speaking to Joshua and Shawn from Grief Dreams Podcast. Read it here!

MATE Podcast, Episode 017 –  on effective copywriting and living as an author, April 2016

Podcast Interview with Frameable Faces, September 2015

Sabrina Must – Leading the Charge

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