Living Witnesses


My mom, Monni Must, and I used our respective talents of photography and writing to produce the Living Witnesses series.

The two sets of books—Faces of the Holocaust (2009) and Triumph Over Tragedy (2012)—are the by-products of interviewing, photographing, and writing bios for over 400 Holocaust survivors across 7 countries.

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After my sister Miya's death, we missed her terribly and only had photographs of her left to remind us of her smile.
Living Witnesses sprung from our desire to have an outlet for our grief and to connect with others who knew such loss. My mom and I teamed up to create a book of portraits and experiences of Holocaust survivors before the fleeting generation died out.

Because there are fewer and fewer survivors, the book is a timeless tribute.

Read Nate Nothman's story here, and Frida Herskovits's story here!


The mere 400 survivors featured form the foundation of this inspiring and heart-wrenching book. It captures the survivors’ personalities and honor who they were before the war, vividly depicts what happened to them during the war, and commends who they became afterward. All profits from this endeavor are distributed to local Detroit-area Holocaust survivors in need. The book serves as a reminder and testament to the strong spirit of survival—not only of the Jewish people but also of anyone who suffers and overcomes.