These books are a direct extension of me.

I poured my heart into them, whether it was Must Girls Love, telling of my sister's suicide, or Living Witnesses, documenting nearly 400 Holocaust survivors' stories of tragedy and triumph.

Must Girls Love

A memoir about what really happens to an individual and a family when grieving a suicide.

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Living Witnesses

Two-series Holocaust survivor publication, documenting 400 survivors' stories.

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My hope is you connect with someone else's
truth to greater connect with yours.

Praise for my books:

"Sabrina Must's memoir is captivating and real. I really felt like I knew her and her sisters very well when I read the story. I bought this book and couldn't put it down, definitely a must read (no pun intended)."

"I am so grateful a friend encouraged me to read this book. The writer does a wonderful job at sharing her experience and I love how the journal entries are interwoven in the story. I wish more people could be this open and honest!"