Sabrina Must Blog | About Me: What's My Background and Experience

I’m a 30-something woman from Michigan,
now based in San Diego, California,
the youngest of 4 sisters,
daughter to a father who wishes I had married yesterday
and to a mom who believes I can do anything in the world!

Masters in Writing, Northwestern University, 2012
Bachelors in Writing, Johns Hopkins University, 2008

Author of Must Girls Love, a memoir
Living Witnesses, the Holocaust survivor series

Contributor for Thought Catalog, Elephant JournalMindBodyGreen, BuddhaBarbie, Women On The Fence, Vitamin World, sheBOOM
Founder, WriteLessBad

When I transform an experience that is either unknown or fearful to you,
that world becomes tangible and relatable. Writing, video, photography, and the spoken word
are all powerful vehicles to tell stories. Since we all respond to art differently,
I feel it necessary to explore all possible avenues when creating. In whatever way I can connect with you, I will.

I feel I have then done my best to inspire you
to seek greater connection and happiness!

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